Grief Library

We understand that some people find strength in tough times through reading the words of others.  For those people, we have an extensive resource library in our office waiting for you to peruse.  All of our books can be read in the office, or borrowed to read at home.

The list of books, with a description of what you will find between their pages, can be found HERE.  The list and descriptions were compiled by one of our wonderful community partners, Cindie Smith.


We have a number of booklets available on end-of-life and grief that are available for download or by contacting our office.

What To Expect in the Last Days or Hours of Life (DOWNLOAD)

The Hospice Palliative Care team have designed this book to assist you in caring for your loved one during the last weeks, days and hours of life when your medical team has determined that only little time remains.  Predicting how much time is impossible to determine, but signs indicate that changes are occurring physically with someone in your life. Preparing for this time is important for all involved and families report that understanding what is happening during the process has been helpful. When a person enters the final stages of dying both body and mind are affected. These changes are a normal part of the dying process and knowing what to expect helps address fears and concerns that you and your family may have at this time.

Coping with Grief (DOWNLOAD)

We recognize that there are many different ways to cope with grief. Some people prefer to talk about their person and their feelings while others find that they prefer to process things on their own. Some want to read or hear stories about others’ grief and loss, and some want to focus more on their own experience of how loss has touched their life. There is no one “right” way to grieve and different coping skills might work for us at different times during the process. Sometimes having supportive information at your fingertips can provide comfort when other forms of coping aren’t available or stop working. We have put together this booklet which provides information and practical strategies for dealing with grief. Please feel free to use this booklet however you wish – you may want to look at it on your own, or you may want to share it with family, friends, or other support people as a tool for starting some conversations about your grief. Of course, not all of the coping suggestions provided here will work for everybody all the time, but we hope you may find something that is useful to you during this difficult time. 

Coping with Grief – Kids Edition (DOWNLOAD)

Our team has put together a grief booklet designed for grieving children and includes different activities and information to help them process their grief.

Supporting Children’s Grief (DOWNLOAD)

Our Supporting Children’s Grief booklet describes how children and youth may respond to a loss based on their developmental stage. The booklet also includes information on what is important to children and youth while grieving and ways to offer support.

HUG in a box

Our HUG in a box has information and activities that help support you through your grief after the death of someone you knew.  It gives you space to process your thoughts and emotions.  It will also help you to learn some coping strategies for the tough days you may be having now, and in the future.

  • Children & Youth
  • Teen
  • Adult
  • How to share a HUG in a box

Specialized Resources & Activities (one page)

Advanced Care Planning

Community Education

  • Community Sessions

    Part of creating a safe space for people to navigate their grief, is educating our communities about living with grief and supporting one another.  We promote education and awareness about end-of-life and grief-related issues by connecting in communities within Colchester and East Hants. Information sessions have been given to church groups, community agencies, charitable clubs and organizations to share who we are and to answer questions about our programs and services.
  • Professional Development & Workshops

    Our organization has advocated for both a client-centered and a non-judgmental approach to deal with end-of-life and grief. Training in this approach can be of benefit to anyone working in the healthcare and human services related fields. The focus of these sessions is to offer professionals ways to help others (clients, patients, families, etc.) for example, tools to help support grief or how we, as healthcare providers, can effectively cope with our own grief that naturally arises from working in these areas. Our organization provides workshops, and our skilled facilitators can customize programs to help meet your specific needs.

    Please CONTACT US to learn more about how we can help your organization.