Community Education

Part of our work at Hospice involves promoting education and awareness in our communities about end-of-life and grief-related issues. We often are contacted by churches, community agencies, charitable clubs and organizations to provide information and answer questions about Hospice services. If your group is interested in knowing more about what we do, please contact us to arrange a presentation. There is no fee for this service.

Volunteer Training
The Hospice offers a comprehensive 40 hour training to enable the volunteer to support Hospice programming as well as the palliative care program.  Hospice volunteers who see clients are members of the care team in the Palliative Care Unit at the hospital and those in palliative care living at home.

Volunteers are also educated in the history and role of Hospice care.  They are advocates for hospice palliative care in their communities.  Because they are knowledgeable about hospice palliative care, they can let people know the services that are available.  They can also encourage community action that supports hospice palliative care, such as public discussions on death, dying, grief and loss, education lessons about the benefits of hospice palliative care for people who are dying and their families, and more services for friends and families who are caring for someone is dying. Learn more…

Annual End of Life Conference
Each fall the Hospice presents an educational conference on end of life and grief issues for medical professionals and volunteers involved in hospice palliative care. Learn more…

Film Series
Many of the ideas we have about death and dying come from popular culture. Our Hospice Film Series is an opportunity to engage with topics related to illness, dying, and grief through movies and media. Films shown can range from mainstream entertainment to documentary-style explorations of different dying and grieving experiences and perspectives. Audiences are invited to come to the viewings at our Hospice House and stay to discuss reactions, questions and impressions left by the movie. Currently, we are offering the film series on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 2:00-4:00 pm. Admission is a suggested donation of $5. See our Calendar for more information.

Conversation Series
Having conversations about our end-of-life wishes is a difficult, but important task for all individuals and families, especially those actively dealing with terminal illness. As part of our Palliative Programming, Hospice offers a series of workshops titled “Conversations”, to help people ask questions and explore issues related to dying and end-of-life planning. The series includes a session on the legal aspects of end-of-life decision making (wills, powers of attorney, and other documents). A second topic is called “The Costs of Dying” and the focus is on death-related expenses and end-of-life financial options. The third session in the series invites health professionals from the Palliative Care Team in to discuss end-of-life medical decisions. Contact the Hospice office for details about when “Conversations” will be offered. These sessions are offered to the public free of charge. Stay tuned for updates on when our 2016 series will begin.

Professional Training & Workshops
Over the years, Hospice has advocated for a client-centered, non-judgmental approach for dealing with end-of-life and grief issues. Training in this approach can be of benefit to anyone working in the healthcare and human service related fields. The focus of this training can be ways professionals can help others (clients, patients, families, etc.) cope with these issues or, it may be how we as healthcare providers can effectively cope with our own grief that naturally arises from working in or around end-of-life care. Hospice has organized and provided a forum for professional training workshops, and our skilled facilitators can also develop programs to meet your specific professional training needs. Some examples of past program topics include:

  • Helping Children and Youth who are Grieving
  • Understanding Grief in Long-term Care
  • Grief: What Do I Say?

There is a fee for our professional development programs, please contact us for a consultation.

Hospice Booklets

We currently have 3 booklets available to you to further your knowledge on end-of-life and grief issues. Our earliest booklet is available online, while our newest can be picked up for free at our Hospice Center (up to 5 copies, then $5 for any additional copies).

  • What To Expect in the Last Days or Hours of Life (full booklet available HERE.) 

    The Hospice Palliative Care team have designed this book to assist you in caring for your loved one during the last weeks, days and hours of life when your medical team has determined that only little time remains.  Predicting how much time is impossible to determine, but signs indicate that changes are occurring physically with your loved one. Preparing for this time is important for all involved and families report that understanding what is going on during the process has been helpful. When a person enters the final stages of dying both body and mind are affected. These changes are a normal part of the dying process and knowing what to expect helps address fears and concerns that you and your family may have at this time.

  • End of Life Planning Resource Booklet 

    The Colchester East Hants Hospice Society developed this booklet to assist individuals and families facing end of life decisions and planning. These decisions are important for everyone, but we tend not to think about end of life care until circumstances – perhaps an illness (our own or someone close to us) – make it necessary to address these issues. At Hospice, we encourage people to think and plan ahead. We hope that the information in this booklet will assist you in preparing your own end of life plan, or if you are looking for help to arrange end of life care with or for a family member or friend.

  • Coping with Grief 

    At Hospice, we recognize that there are many different ways to cope with grief. Some people prefer to talk about their loved one and their feelings while others find that they prefer to process things on their own. Some want to read or hear stories about others’ grief and loss, and some want to focus more on their own experience of how loss has touched their life. There is no one “right” way to grieve and different coping skills might work for us at different times during the process. Sometimes having supportive information at your fingertips can provide comfort when other forms of coping aren’t available or stop working.We’ve put together this booklet which provides some information about grieving and practical strategies for dealing with it. Feel free to use this booklet however you wish – you may want to look at it on your own, or you may want to share it with family, friends, or other support people as a tool for starting some conversations about your grief. Of course, not all of the coping suggestions provided here will work for everybody all the time, but we hope that within these materials you may find something that is useful to you during this difficult time.


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A great discussion on Historical & Cultural Perspectives on Death, Dying, and Grief. A huge thank you to our panelists Dr. Lynn Jones, Cynthia Martin, Samantha Molen, Ashley Sutherland, and our moderator Craig Johnson. #mycompassionatecanada @Col_Historeum @CanadianHPCAssn

Stop by the @Col_Historeum tonight at 7pm for "Historical Perspectives on Death, Dying, and Grief". A panel discussion in collaboration with @hospice_ceh This is a free event, all welcome!

.@trurodaily: Colchester-East Hants Hospice holding events for Hospice Palliative Care Week #trurons #novascotia #mycompassionatecanada @CanadianHPCAssn

So excited to see your great work supporting #CompassionateCommunities already. Great example #CCforCdns

Caregiver Awareness Month is officially underway! Join the conversation throughout May using #CGAware2018 to help us raise awareness of all that #novascotia #caregivers do for their families and communities.

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